This is the main island of the Egadi Archipelago and it has all features to make your holidays unforgettable. Favignana is the right combination of an unspoiled natural environment, crystal clear waters and breath-taking views facing the other two islands, Levanzo and Marettimo. It is also the perfect island to be visited cycling, where peace and relax lord it. Natural beach-bays and coves with clear sea-water, the fisherman village of Punta Lunga, the Praia beach just in front of the old-tuna establishment/factory of the Florio Family. And the enchanting countryside going down slowly towards the lighthouse of Punta Sottile. The choice of Favignana is not taken randomly, it has a strong connection with the red colour; there is Cala Rossa (= Red Bay), whose name comes from the very cruel ship war between the victorious Roman’ naval-fleet over the Carthaginians, dated 241 B.C., coloring of red its crystal waters for the bloody evidence of the Punic wars.
Notable mentioning the Red Tuna fished with the typical tunny-fishing.